people, plants & animals from the world’s most dangerous pathogens.

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Exceeding the industry standard
for air purification.

PURADIGM® is a massive evolutionary leap into active, simultaneous air and surface purification technology. By emitting charged particles that attack pathogens in the air and on surfaces, it creates a safe space for animals, plants, and humans during its continuous operation.

Tested and verified against pathogens for almost every indoor application, our particle emitting technology is revolutionizing the standard of what it meanest to purify.

PURADIGM® represents a paradigm shift in purification:

  • Surface cleaning today is limited by available staff and frequency.
  • Air filtration takes time to work and is limited by the grade and condition of the filter.
  • Faster than filtration and continues working beyond the static limitations of cleaning.
  • Instantly engages and reduces pathogens both in the air and on surfaces.

PURADIGM® is tested and validated in a wide range of pathogens for indoor application. PURADIGM® technology emits charged particles that attack pathogens in the air and
on surfaces, all within space that humans, animals, and plants can safely occupy during continuous operation. PURADIGM®’s patented technology replicates nature’s purification process, is registered with the EPA and meets all NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA safety guidelines.

“In our hospitals, clinical facilities, inpatient and outpatient facilities we have not had a single patient or personnel catch the virus [Covid-19] while on site.”

Dr. Jawad A. Shah, MD, FRCS(C), FAANS, FACS - Neurosurgery, Insight Surgical Hospital

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Ensure the air your family breathes is safe with Pure Air.


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Fewer sick days mean higher office productivity with Pure Air.


The Most Validated Purifier
on the Market


The SPACESM Criteria provides an objective framework for businesses to evaluate continuous pathogen reduction options for themselves. © 2021 Land Air Labs. Reproduced with permission.

  • Safe
  • Proven
  • Active
  • Continuos
  • Efficient

Ultimate Labs Office Study

The largest space used in a study (22,000 ft3) shows one PURADIGM® device effectively reducing pathogens by 87% in the air and on surfaces.

Ankara Oncology Hospital

PURADIGM® shown to be 3 to 8 times more effective than cleaning at reducing pathogens in infected patient rooms.

MCR Indoor Growing

Bacterial counts reduced on organic produce while maintain the quality of plants and crop yields.

Illinois High School

PURADIGM® showed a 23% reduction in absenteeism. During COVID, the high school had over 90% less infections compared to average schools.

University of Florida

PURADIGM® is the first to show efficacy on SARS-CoV-2 with reductions of 98% and 99% on air and surface.

Infectious Disease Journal

Researchers independently publish the first peer reviewed paper on PURADIGM®.

PURADIGM® Difference

Why is PURADIGM® Better Than Other Technologies?


PURADIGM® shields your entire room, immediately reducing pathogens as they are introduced to the environment, unlike simple filtration systems. PURADIGM®’s charged particles exist throughout the room, making our process thousands of times faster than any other filtration technology.


Standard purification technology lacks scalability. Puradigm, on the other hand, has shown efficacy in studies completed in 23,000 square-foot facilities.


PURADIGM® actively seeks and destroys harmful pathogens by shielding your entire room, without needing direct line of sight to a UV bulb. By using PURADIGM®, you also reduce the need for harmful chemicals and labor to clean your surfaces. In addition, unlike traditiona methods like fogging, it is safe to be in the same space as PURADIGM® 24/7/365 for people, plants, and animals.


The use of our unique charged particle emitting technology can have a dramatic impact on the safety of our indoor spaces and how we keep people healthy and happy. PURADIGM® is more effective and faster at reducing harmful pathogens both in the air and on surfaces.


Our technology reduces operating costs, increases productivity and ensures a happier, healthier indoor environment. PURADIGM® has been proven to be 3 to 8times better* at removing pathogens in infected spaces than cleaning with chemicals only, reducing cleaning time and staff costs.


US food borne pathogens leading to illness and food waste costs up to $16 billion annually. PURADIGM® has been proven to reduce this risk by reducing pathogens that lead to outbreaks, increasing crop yields normally lost to bacterial rot, as well as extending the shelf life of fresh products.


PURADIGM® was introduced in the 5th year of a 5-year study on absenteeism. With Puradigm, absenteeism was reduced by 23% over the previous 4-year average*, helping to alleviate a problem that costs US businesses $228 billion per year in lost wages and productivity.


PURADIGM®’s patented technology replicates nature’s purification process. PURADIGM® is registered with the EPA, meets all NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA safety guidelines. PURADIGM® is a certified organic purification process.

Industries That Benefit

Indoor Growing




Food Safety




How It Works

The Science

PURADIGM® produces large volumes of charged particles using a photocatalytic reactor enhanced with our internationally patented technology. These particles are made up of ions and oxidizers, replicating the sun’s natural process indoors.

Temperature & Rate

PURADIGM® operates at atmospheric pressure with no change in the temperature, making it imperceptible in real-world environments. As these particles are produced continuously, far faster and far greater reductions in the levels of mold, bacteria, and viruses can be achieved.

The Kill Method

Traditional purification methods use chemical agents to kill bacteria by creating a shrivel prune effect. In contrast, PURADIGM® creates holes and cracks in the membrane of bacteria caused by the rapid energy transfer of the charged particles, which is safer and more effective.

Safe for People, Plants & Animals

The key difference between PURADIGM® and traditional methods is the PURADIGM® method works safely while people are present while traditional methods do not.

Continuous Safety

PURADIGM® works continuously to create a shield-like effect with charged particles that eradicate pathogens the moment they are introduced to the protected space.

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Protect the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch with PURADIGM®.

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