Over the past year, the practice of Yoga has spiked in popularity as people have a newfound understanding of the importance of meditation for people’s well-being. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased stress and anxiety not only to individuals but also to the businesses trying to survive and navigate ever-changing guidelines for staying open. Because of this, health and fitness studios, especially those that rely on bringing people together, have been hit hard. 

As a small business owner, Stephanie Paolini of 3 Bridges Yoga knows firsthand how the pandemic has affected local fitness studios and people’s overall wellness. Despite being closed for the first few months of the pandemic, when the studio reopened in the summer of 2020, Stephanie knew cleanliness—something her studio already took seriously—was the key to help practitioners feel comfortable returning to classes. 

As a breath-based practice where visitors are typically barefoot, no matter how clean the studio is kept, the current pandemic takes the necessity for cleanliness to a new level, with new protocols being put in place. Stephanie wanted people to feel as comfortable as they possibly could when the studio reopened. Despite making masks mandatory and increasing the need for handwashing and sanitation, Stephanie kept asking herself what else she could be doing to ensure that people felt comfortable walking into the studio. 

With the studio reopened and COVID-19 cases on the rise, Stephanie wanted to implement additional measures to help mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the studio. After some careful consideration, she decided to introduce a Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier to the studio. The G200 is up to 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA standards and captures particles up to 30 times smaller. It is also effective at capturing the SARS-CoV-2 virus (1).

Since adding the G200, Stephanie has seen a positive response from not only her employees and instructors but also from her practitioners. She feels a sense of happiness knowing that with the addition of the G200, people are more comfortable and confident being in the studio. Stephanie understands that you can never ensure that everyone will be fully compliant, so she has been doing everything she can to help keep the studio clean. 

Much like with surface cleaning, cleaning the air of the studio with the G200 is something that she can control. According to Stephanie, adding the G200 has been part of taking responsibility for others’ wellbeing and believes cleaning the air is something like wearing "a mask for your business.” 

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October 13, 2022 — Stephanie Giera
Tags: Celios