Living in a dormitory can be fun for college students, but with multiple people in such close living quarters, it’s not surprising that dorm rooms can quickly start to smell. Dan has seen firsthand how this can affect your college experience.  

Dan and his roommates are very active people, spending time outside or at the gym, and while they are not messy or dirty people, their room started to smell. Friends who visited the room between classes or when hanging out on the weekends began to notice. Some even commented on how bad it was getting, leaving Dan and his roommates feeling a bit embarrassed about how their room was being perceived by others — earning a reputation for being the stinkiest room on the floor, if not the whole building. 

Wanting to make a difference, Dan and his roommates decided to add a Celios G200 to their room to see if it could help with the smell. After a few days, what was once a humid, musky environment, now had cleaner, better smelling air. To see if it really made a difference, the roommates decided to turn the device off for a weekend, and within hours, the room started to smell again. 

Dan originally wanted to simply remove the smell from the room, but he didn’t realize the difference that clean air would have on his dorm life. Watch Dan discuss his experience with the G200 further below.

October 13, 2022 — Stephanie Giera